Offer for Sell Chilian  Iron Ore
Commodity :                  Iron Ore 63%  /  Rejection 61%
Contract  term:          SPOT then can roll into 12 month contract
Quantity:                       Minimum 70,000 Mt SPOT per month or more
Origin:                          Chile
Delivery term:               FOB ( Incoterms 2010)
Price:                            Only after Official request USD per MT, FOB
Inspection:                    SGS
Payment terms:
The Buyer can have the following options for Payment.  This will be for the SPOT shipment only.
 1. Buyer instructs their bank to issue a Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) with a REDLINE Clause whereby after the DLC is issued the Seller has the right to raw down $94.00 per Mt for the purpose of Mine/Product quality inspection at the mine patio site prior to transporting, Transporting/Trucking after inspection at the Patio to the port storage facility, port storage costs, SGS Inspection during loading, loading costs to cover loading, customs clearance and documents. Balance of the contracted amount is payable 100% at sight against payment documents for the SPOT as per the contract. 
2. Buyer instructs their bank to issue a SBLC for the SPOT.  The SBLC is payable 100% at sight against payment documents.  
3. Minimum Order 120,000Mt: Buyer instructs their bank to issue a Wire Transfer for the SPOT shipment to USA Bank, a nominated Trust Account.  Upon receipt of the wire transfer a Bank Guarantee will be issued in the amount of 110% of the SPOT shipment amount within 24-48 hours of receiving the deposit transfer.  The BG will be issued for 120 days at which time if the Seller has not loaded the product onto the Buyers nominated vessel the Buyer has the option of cashing he BG and terminating the transaction.  If the Seller delivers the product per the terms and conditions of the Contract and the vessel is loaded the issuing bank for the BG will be notified and the BG will become terminated.  Should the Buyer  be at fault and delay  the vessel arrival for any reason then the BG would be extended to cover those delays and the Buyer will be accessed any additional charges for storage on the final invoice (NOTE This will allow for 1 or 2 shipments and will be ready for shipment within 65-90 days).   
Iron Ore Specifications    
       Particulars                                              Min                Rejection
          Fe                                                        63%              61%    min
          SiO2                                                  3.00%             4.50%  max         
          Al203                                                  .70%              2.4%   max
          P                                                        0.07%           0.17%   max
          S                                                        0.07%           0.14%   max
Moisture           8% max        
Size                 20mm  to  5mm 95% max    
Size Below       5mm                 5% max       
The Iron Ore product is processed at our mine patio site on a daily basis.  Specifications may change slightly based on the depth of the unprocessed product and the makeup of the soil.  The Specifications noted above are the average and will be verified by SGS or similar Inspection Company when leaving the mine patio site and when loaded at the port facilities.
1.The Seller guarantees that the product  will correspond to the specifications of Iron Ore 63% and a SGS Report or similar will be supplied to show the exact specifications should the Buyer elect to move forward.  The product will have the following:  63%, if the product is over 63.5% in Fe content then the price will increase by $2.00per Mt., if the product is below  62.5% the price will decrease by the same $2.00 per percentage point per Mt, rejection  is below 61%
2. The payment  terms  are only for the SPOT shipment.  If all goes according to the terms and procedures and the payment is not delayed then the extended 12 month contract can be payable by a Irrevocable, Revolving, Documentary letter of Credit payable 100% at sight against payment documents.
1. Buyer will agree to the terms and conditions in this Offer to Sell (OS) by signing the document and returning it to Seller’s offices together with their Letter of Intent (LOI) to Purchase. The LOI must include detail banking and a letter from the Buyer’s bank stating he Buyer has the necessary cash on deposit to complete this transaction. Further the LOI must have a corporate resolution from the Buyer/Company giving the necessary approvals for the individual to sign and bind the buyer/Company.
2. Upon receipt of the signed OS and the Buyer’s LOI and the bank letter and corporate resolution Seller will instruct their legal department to issue the DRAFT contract for review and comments by the Buyer.  Comments will only be acknowledged if they are in writing and they are from the individual that will be signing the contract as the legal and authorized representative from the buyer/Company as per the corporate resolution.
3. Once contract is agreed to both Buyer and Seller will sign the contract and it will be lodged with the Sellers and Buyers banks.
4. Buyer issues payment instrument  attached and transaction commences.
5. Once the SPOT shipment has been completed Seller and Buyer can extend contract into a 12 month term.
We……………….have read the terms and conditions of this Offer to Sell and by accepting the terms and conditions I am attesting to the fact that we are prepared to move forward with the transaction.  I am submitting the LOI, Bank Letter and the Corporate Resolution with this acceptance.  
For and on behalf of
 Unless otherwise agreed this offer expires concerning the price on July 31, 2013 5:00pm Eastern Time USA.  A signed ICPO from the Buyer (not a mandate or broker) must be received by the closing time noted. (Note the Draft Contract will only be generated by FGR once we have an ICPO detailing the name of the actual Buyer and their banking as per the procedures noted in this Offer to Sell)


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